// Results
Explore the results of the survey
Service by Type
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Service by Type
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Broadband Coverage
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Broadband Coverage
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// Mission
Expand Broadband Coverage to 100% of Erie County Residents

Erie County government fully understands the importance of broadband availability to our residents. We are working in conjunction with Internet Service Providers, utility companies, municipalities, broadband organizations, and state and federal government, to help expand broadband throughout Erie County.

Erie County Population
Erie County PA Census estimates a population of 274,541
Broadband Speed
25Mbps download - 3Mbps upload is considered by the FCC to be "broadband".
Coverage North of I-90
Estimated 99% geographical coverage north of I-90
Coverage South of I-90
Estimated 25% geographical coverage south of I-90
// Coverage Areas
Area Broadband Maps

These maps provide a general representation of where broadband is currently defined in Erie County and the proposed future coverage from Internet Service Providers. This data has been collected from past surveys and FCC data sources.

Current Estimated Broadband Coverage

This map displays current estimated broadband coverage area as of 2018.

Future Projected Broadband Coverage

This map displays future projected broadband coverage area for 2019-2020.

// Options
Potential Access Alternatives

For Erie County residents who currently have no broadband options, or those not defined in any future expansion areas, there are three broadband alternatives available in our area. Please visit each site for further information and availability.
*Note: These options are not affiliated with Erie County and should not be considered an endorsement.


Mobile Broadband 4GLTE Speeds
Unlimited Monthly Data / No Data Caps
Monthly Plan
Uses At+T Network

View site

Verizon Mobile

Mobile Broadband 4GLTE Speeds
Limited Monthly Data / with Data Caps
Uses Verizon Network

View Site


Satellite Option
Uses Hughesnet Satellite

View site
// Take Aways
What does this mean for you?

This website will provide updates and information related to the Erie County broadband initiative.

  • Status of current projects.
  • Future coverage projects.
  • Updates and news on broadband developments.